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i'm reading about how federation does/doesn't work as i switch to pleroma and

i'm only just now realizing all the RSS/ATOM wars that i thought died years ago actually never died they just mrophed into activitypub gnustatus ostatus mastodon drama

what happens when you shut down a fediverse instance does the world just keep pinging that endpoint forever? i guess i'll find out.

also i mean i know cpu/ram/vm's are cheap and who cares but you kids out there with your bloated node.js and rails and whatever that's so resource hungry and complicated you have to use docker get off my lawn

like holy crap the mastodon stack is nuts for a single user instance and requires basically a dedicated 1GB ram machine and still needs swap just to build! - ubuntu/mastodon ~650MB ram usage idle - nginx hosting all my static sites, syncthing, home-grown Go servers for RSS reader and mailing list along with pleroma ~500MB ram usage idle

and honestly most of that is syncthing which is a ram/cpu hog

planning to shut this server down and migrate to the pleroma instance on my OpenBSD server because running Ubuntu and a giant memory hungry rails app is too off-brand for me

uh i unlocked everything in Into The Breach

I am still debating custom domain name

I finally got my weird pleroma on OpenBSD stuff working how I like it so I may shit this down and start over again on a different domain so sorry not sorry in advance

This morning I asked my cat to play Hall and Oates and then it played Kenny Loggins and then Michael McDonald and now all I want to do is watch Yacht Rock again

Also I assume the floppies are demagnetized :(

@adam I was going to buy these and donate them but now they’re over $10k so someone else has to

Anyway lots of thoughts on it maybe tooting about it will force me to finish the posts

@adam also this one was made by German kids who were born after 1987

I played the latest Leisure Suit Larry game which is crazy because I was 7 when the first one came out (and uh, I played it at 8 or 9?) and now I’m 38 which is the old washed up age Larry is supposed to be in the original.

Ask excited for 2019 as my prediction of “impeachment before Thanksgiving” 2016/2017 prediction can just carry over

Timeless but also so 90s. A time when tech cos had cubicles instead of open office sitting on top of each other layouts. So much space per employee! So inefficient!

I’m excited for 2019 because I can rewatch Office Space for its 20th anniversary.

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