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@adam and attack surface in general. I’m still on the “blog comments are a bad idea” denial stage of social media grieving

Also technically Mastodon/ActivityPub etc seems like a weird DDOS attack vector I’m ill prepared to administrate.

On the one hand I feel like morally I should support and use federated free systems like this. But also it seems kind of boring and I should put effort into my “real” web site?

so sorry people i just followed i'm just trying to abandon corporate social media and support whatever it is this is

it turns out none of my friends (except, like, 5 of your, or whatever) have moved to the fediverse so i'm following a bunch of people two degrees removed from me now

@adam 100% of startups invested / founded have had successful exits

Why am I not a vc and/or retired to a private island

I’m on vacation maybe I’ll shut this down and switch to the pleroma one

installed pleroma on one of my servers and am testing it out

it's trying a lot harder to have "cinematic" moments of wonder and i remember a lot of them! so it's hard to know whether it's nostalgia or not when i find them compelling

but it's early and the scripted events and storytelling through level design and finding logs/texts is primitive by today's standards.

it's a weird midpoint in FPS development between Quake and Half-Life - it's *trying* to use the FPS tools to tell a larger story and not just be DOOM

i've been replaying Unreal (for its 20 year anniversary) and I feel like it's so so so good, even though it gets no love decades later

is this another reason i have to wipe this thing and install pleroma

why can't i upload mp3s to this thing it's my server

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