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And an iPhone XS to replace my X for no reason. Because the world is on fire let’s buy phones

Which I thought would be gen 3 or 4 but now is maybe gen never

I’m still using a first gen Apple Watch because I said I was waiting for the version with an always on screen

is there a mastodon instance whose stated goal is "best animated custom emoji" or do i need to make it

birdsite stuff, also a hello kitty emoji Show more

all these dumb gifs and things make me want to just get my shitty code to run again

also don't worry your favorite static things are there too



Turns out I can use all my old weird 4uhm animated gifs as custom emoji here after converting them to apngs so that's a thing

:cherry: :falls: :pixel_fireworks: :sparklerain:

@adam I need a new retailer though dear 4 followers what shirt co should I use

REMINDER my shirt game is strong. I need to make shirts again and wear them.

switching to jemalloc as described in the tuning guide seems to have helped cut ram usage - seems to have quieted down to 500mb ish.

switching down to 1 web worker from the default 2 seems to have halved RAM usage so that's... something

it does look like i'm using like, all the ram. and have no swap. which seems bad. does ubuntu not have swap? it just poops itself if it runs out of ram.

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