I'm going to shut this server down soon and switch to my pleroma server on vllm.net where I'll continue not actually fediversing as @adam


Pleroma's stack is simple (elixir/postgres) and has tiny resource needs so running it on my OpenBSD box with the rest of my miscellanous stuff is fine. Probably.

@adam and I know you're all like "just rent another VPS and use Docker and whatever it's fine nobody understands how software works" to which I say "if I can't set it up with some simple shell scripts and understand what the hell is going on I don't want it running on a box I'm responsible for" and also "get off my lawn I'm old, ok?!"


@adam "just use one of the giant instances managed by someone else" but isn't the whole point of this federated thing that we can control our own destiny? What are the chances half of these Mastodon instances are running in 10 years?

which you know probably doesn't matter we'll have bigger apocalyptic issues to deal with but it should be easier to run your own fediverse server cheaper/leaner. Pleroma is better for that right now.

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