apple watch series 4 review: it's bigger than the original one i was wearing.

iPhone XS review: I didn’t buy one because it doesn’t seem worth upgrading from an X. But I may buy one anyway.

also can i change the character limit on my tootinstance to 140? is that a thing?

i also wrote my 2nd "weekly link roundup" 1 month after the first one so that's sort of weekly, if you redefine weekly as monthly

i wrote a review of my tesla model 3 that is going to go up on monday but why did i do that

And an iPhone XS to replace my X for no reason. Because the world is on fire let’s buy phones

Which I thought would be gen 3 or 4 but now is maybe gen never

I’m still using a first gen Apple Watch because I said I was waiting for the version with an always on screen

is there a mastodon instance whose stated goal is "best animated custom emoji" or do i need to make it

birdsite stuff, also a hello kitty emoji Show more

all these dumb gifs and things make me want to just get my shitty code to run again

also don't worry your favorite static things are there too



Turns out I can use all my old weird 4uhm animated gifs as custom emoji here after converting them to apngs so that's a thing

:cherry: :falls: :pixel_fireworks: :sparklerain:

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